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Poster Presented at ESSO2019 in Rotterdam by Surgeons from Hospital Principe de Asturias, Alcala, Spain show HIPEC + CO2 Agitation is a "safe technique with superior survival results" in this series of patients #HIPEC #HIVEC @CombatCancer

#HIPEC Posters presented at 39th ESSO Meeting 2019 by Surgeons from Hospital Principe de Asturias (Alcala, Spain),
"HIPEC + CO2 Agitation a safe and efficient HIPEC technique"

Come and join us at stand nr.4 at the 39th ESSO 2019 in Rotterdam from October 9th-11th and learn more about PRS+ (CO2) Agitation HIPEC delivery @CombatCancer @ESSOnews @esso2019

Things are packed! To know more about PRS + CO2 Agitation - HIPEC
Visit us at booth Nr.4 during this years 39th ESSO in Rotterdam @CombatCancer @ESSOnews @GECOP_ @SPeritoneum @aecirujanos @PMPSurvivor @acpmpresearch #HIPEC #PRS #combatcancer

COMBAT is attending the EURO PMP International Workshop in Pseudomyxoma Peritoneí in Córdoba today - visit us at our stand @CombatCancer @HUReinaSofia @ESSOnews @GECOP_ @aecirujanos @SPeritoneum @alarjosan

PRS+ (CO2) Agitation-HIPEC case at the São João Hospital in Porto #hipec #prs #combatcancer #co2agitation #medicinalia-Cormédica @CombatCancer @ESSOnews @GECOP_ @SPeritoneum

COMBAT will be present at the EuroPMP International Workshop on Pseudomyxoma Peritonei on October 4th, 2019 in Córdoba / Spain #combat #combatcancer #Hipec #PRS @CombatCancer @ESSOnews @GECOP_ @europmp

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