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Privileged to win 1st place in the Oncology-Renal session @uaa2019 Special thanks to @qdtrinh @Putnam_Cole @MJKrimphove @bergseba @jdsammon @JunaidNabiMD @maxinesun @DrChoueiri @SLChang1 #kidneycancer #Collaboration @BWHUrology @UCLDivofSurgery @imperialurology #UAA2019

Unit of surgical oncology @HUReinaSofia has performed 20 cytoreductive surgeries plus HIPEC by laparoscopic approach, a better recovery is offered to selected patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis @operarelcancer @GECOP_ @me4_so @SPeritoneum @EAES_eu @AnnSurgOncol @aecirujanos

Enjoying being invited to @TelB2BEvents #TelegraphFTE and listening to inspiring speech by @liamfox on UK being central to global export going forward. #freetrade

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