The following is a list of HIVEC™ Trials that are currently running and actively recruiting:

hivec-i-a hivec-i-b

Several trials are currently evaluating the efficacy of HIVEC™ at various stages within the NMIBC treatment pathway.

For further information relating to our clinical trials programme please contact us.

HIVEC I and II trials are already underway:

Hyperthermic Intra-VEsical Chemotherapy

Prospective, Randomized International Multicentre Clinical Trials in 598 NMIBC Intermediate Risk Patients.

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In 2016 Combat Medical launched the HIVEC-E international database. This database serves as a collection point in which to capture data from all over the world, from patients receiving HIVEC™ treatment. The database is completely anonymised and voluntary and is designed to help hospitals, doctors and nurse record, manage and analyse the data that they collect.

It is hoped that over time, as valuable data is collected, new insights will be gained that will lead to the optimal treatment and management of NMIBC patients.

If you are interested in learning more or contributing to the HIVEC-E database then please contact us.