The COMBAT Group utilises an innovative, patented agitation system, developed in collaboration with surgeons and clinical teams to optimise the Efficacy, Safety and Delivery of the HIPEC technique.

In clinical use since 2013 the COMBAT PRS System delivers heated chemotherapy fluid + CO2 Agitation to the abdominal cavity, usually after cytoreductive surgery to maximise the oncological effectiveness of the HIPEC Technique. HIPEC in conjunction with cytoreductive surgery is being increasingly used to treat Peritoneal Cancers. This includes a metastatic spread from a malignant tumour sited within the cavity such as the colon, ovaries, stomach or pancreas or rare types of peritoneal cancers such as malignant mesothelioma and pseudomyxoma peritonei.

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Peritoneal Recirculation System + Agitation
Optimising HIPEC delivery.

EFFICACY- PRS+ is the only HIPEC system with automatic agitation to ensure homogenous drug and thermal distribution throughout the abdominal cavity and peritoneal surfaces to maximise outcomes.1,2,3

SAFETY- Automatic agitation allows the chemotherapy to reach all peritoneal surfaces.3 This allows a closed HIPEC technique to give full distribution of the drug without the heat loss and chemotherapeutic exposure of the theatre staff associated with open procedures.1 Complete, visually confirmed filling of the abdominal cavity is also achieved via passage of the fluid into the CO2 chamber.

The recirculation of the drug and fluid under controlled pressure ensures a completely full abdomen. This is witnessed in the chamber and reassures clinicians that all areas of the abdominal cavity benefit from the HIPEC delivery.

DELIVERY- Continuously monitors and controls both pressure and temperature. Temperature probes in up to 8 locations ensure heat is accurately controlled and measured to optimise a safe delivery and hyperthermic cytotoxic benefit.

Closed and laparoscopic HIPEC techniques using controlled Intra-abdominal pressure, as performed with the PRS+, have also been shown to improve drug penetration into the tumour and peritoneum.1,2

The PRS+ patented heat exchanger and flexible operating systems are compatible with all other open and closed HIPEC delivery techniques.
Successful efficacy & tolerability outcomes have been reported using the PRS+ Agitation technique.
Further results will be presented in 2018.

Thermographic images from the closed CO2 technique using the COMBAT HIPEC + Agitation technique in a porcine model. Image shows a more homogenous delivery of heated chemotherapy in comparison to the open technique.3

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