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Nanorobots – the future of surgical oncology? That’s what @alarjosan, consultant surgeon in surgical oncology at the Reina Sofia hospital in Córdoba, suggests – find out more in our upcoming Medical Innovators interview.

#medicalinnovation #cancersurgery #HIVEC #CombatCancer

1n 1883 a light bulb was used for the first time to look inside the bladder. 139 years later, we've got robot-assisted surgery. What do you see as the next leap forward in #cancer surgery? @alarjosan shares his ideas in our forthcomingMedical Innovators interview #CombatCancer

Jonathan Goddard@urology_history

#OnThisDay in 1883, David Newman, of Glasgow, was the first to use an electric light bulb to view the inside of a human bladder @BAUSurology @Uro_News @RSMUrology @rcpsglasgow 2

#HIVEC-HR phase II study (Guerrero-Ramos et al, World J Urol, 2022) comparing outcomes of high-risk NMIBC patients randomised to Combat HIVEC® + MMC or BSG

Time to recurrence with HIVEC 21.5 months vs 16.1 months BCG.

#medicalinnovation #bladdercancer #CombatCancer

From our phase II #HIVEC study, published Jan 17 (World J Urol), which found HIVEC + MMC a real alternative to BCG for NMIBC treatment: “The results of our work are particularly relevant in the current health care environment, in which BCG has limited availability.”

Great results from #HIVEC + MMC vs BCG clinical trial for high-risk NMIBC patients 🙂
Recurrence-free survival at 24 months in intention-to-treat analysis was HIVEC 86.5% vs BCG 71.8%, and HIVEC 95.0% vs BCG 75.1% for per protocol analysis. #bladdercancer

📜 We just published our pilot trial using @CombatCancer BRS MMC-HIVEC vs BCG in HR-NMIBC at @wjurol @SpringerNature
💻 You can download and read it here:
@Daniel_Urologia @AlejandroGoDiaz @brantinman @Gamyi3 @Urologia12

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