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Are you a medical innovator? Have you got a game-changing medical or surgical innovation to share with the world? We'd love to feature your work and ideas in our new Spotify podcast at Combat Innovators – The Present and Future of Cancer Treatment.
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HIPECT4 – phase III, randomized, open-label controlled trial – adjuvant hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy in locally advanced colorectal cancer. result? Reduced risk of relapse, especially in patients with pT4 colorectal CA.
#medicalinnovation #HIPEC #CombatCancer

Alvaro Arjona @alarjosan

Thanks my friend, this is one additional action to do in our patients to complemente the good surgery

Quick heads up – who’s going to #ArabHealth2023 in Dubai at the end of January?

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Get your thumbs warmed up-@PSOGI_EC Case of the month numb 1 of this year is starting in 10 minutes! See you soon @almogby2 @AndreasBrandl8 @indepso @drarturreis @SPeritoneum @VadimGushchin6 @ESSOnews @DrFloresAyala

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