HIVEC Clinical Trials

Combat is committed to investing in clinical trials and evidence-based studies. Demonstrating the effectiveness of Combat’s patented technology across many areas of the NMIBC treatment pathway to create a solid foundation for its use. 867+ patients in randomised HIVEC® clinical trials across Europe in the following areas:
High Risk NMIBC patients – HIVEC® HR (EudraCT 2016-001186-85) Randomised trial assessing HIVEC V’s BCG in 50 HR NMIBC patients Click through to protocol and results presented so far
Intermediate Risk – HIVEC® I & II (HIVEC® 1- (EudraCT Number: 2013-002628-18) and HIVEC II- ISRCTN 23639415 Assessing a total of 598 patients comparing hyperthermia and MMC to MMC alone -click through to protocol and presented results so far.
HIVEC 1 Clinical Trials Register (HIVEC I- 2013-002628-18)
HIVEC 2 Find Clinical Trials
Intermediate- High Risk patients- HIVEC®– R (EudraCT- 2014-005001-20) Phase III randomised trial comparing NCHT (Neo-adjuvant chemo-hyperthermia) prior to TURBT with normathermic adjuvant standard therapy. Clinical Trials Register
Low to intermediate risk patients – HIVEC® PREMITO (EudraCT -2015-005151-27) Comparing pre-operative hyperthermic MMC installation with normothermic I-POP MMC Clinical Trials Register (PREMITO)

Combat has a number of clinical trials in planning or at approval stage and has invested in real world evidence data registries to inform and complement clinical trials. Please contact us directly for more information on current clinical trial data, future trials and real world data registries on