Peritoneal Recirculation System + Agitation
Optimising HIPEC delivery

Technical Specifications:

Equipment external dimensions:
Height 890mm Width 420mm Depth 350mm

Equipment weight:
PRS system 32.6kg plus stand

Safety alarms:
High temperature alarm
High pressure alarm
Auto safety cut off
Safety lock

Electrical risk classification:
Class I, Type B

Fluid ingress protection:

Function mode:
Continuous delivery at set temperature between 20°C to 43°C ± 1°C

IEC/UL 60601 – 1; IEC 60601 – 1 – 2;
EN 60601 – 1 – 2; EN 60601 – 1, CE 1639

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Animation of PRS delivering HIPEC + Agitation
Intraoperative HIPEC+ With CO2 Agitation