Pancreatic Cancer UK is Urging Governments to Prioritise Patients, and “Don’t Write Me Off”


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, and pancreatic cancer is among the most deadly forms of the disease. The prognosis for pancreatic cancer is particularly poor, with a five-year survival rate of less than 10%. This low survival rate is primarily due to the cancer being diagnosed at a late stage, when it is less responsive to treatment. Pancreatic cancer awareness, therefore, requires some serious attention.

Pancreatic Cancer UK is rallying support to advocate for better treatment and care for individuals battling pancreatic cancer across the UK. With alarming statistics highlighting the urgency of the situation, the organisation is pushing for substantial reforms to ensure timely diagnosis, equitable access to expert care, and sustainable funding. You can join them in their campaign to tell governments: don’t write off people with pancreatic cancer, here:

Urgent Appeal to Governments

Pancreatic Cancer UK is appealing to governments throughout the UK, which they want to urge to allocate resources promptly towards a faster, fairer treatment and care pathway for pancreatic cancer patients. The focus is on facilitating the National Health Service (NHS) to provide timely interventions, thereby enhancing the chances of survival. This is what the campaign aims to achieve:

Faster Diagnosis and Treatment

Prompt diagnosis within 21 days of initial tests, and subsequent treatment initiation within 21 days of diagnosis are crucial to improving outcomes for patients.

Fairer Access to Care

Every individual, irrespective of their geographical location or prognosis, deserves access to expert care and support.

Sustainable Funding

Governments must commit to sustained funding to enable the implementation of necessary changes, ultimately leading to more lives being saved.

The Current Scenario

Shocking statistics reveal the grim reality faced by pancreatic cancer patients. Seven out of ten individuals never receive treatment, including chemotherapy. Moreover, more than half succumb to the disease within three months of diagnosis. This neglect by successive governments has resulted in abysmal survival rates, placing the UK among the worst in Europe and globally.

The Need for Transformation

Insufficient funding has perpetuated delays in diagnosis and treatment, depriving patients of life-saving interventions. It’s time to challenge the notion of pancreatic cancer as a death sentence. With expedited diagnosis, timely treatment, and enhanced care, there’s hope for improved survival rates and quality of life.

Advocating for Change

Pancreatic Cancer UK, along with over 300 patient representatives and healthcare professionals, is advocating for transformative changes in diagnosis, treatment, and care pathways. The current NHS targets fall short in addressing the urgent needs of pancreatic cancer patients. Pancreatic Cancer UK’s campaign report outlines an Optimal Care Pathway designed to revolutionise pancreatic cancer care.

Join the Fight

The plight of pancreatic cancer patients demands immediate attention and action from governments across the UK. By prioritising timely diagnosis, equitable access to care, and sustained funding, we can rewrite the narrative for pancreatic cancer, offering hope and better outcomes for patients and their families.

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